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Fall 2011 - Spring 2012

2011 was a wonderful year at the Railroad Museum of Long Island.  Beginning with the Grand Opening of the Historic Lionel Layout in April, the Museum has experienced patron visits like never before.  The RMLI introduced many new friends to Long Island railroad history and the joys of model railroading.  All of our layouts, Garden scale, “O” gauge and HO were enthusiastically embraced by children and adults alike.  Everyone loved riding our 16 inch gauge World’s Fair park train – to many considered “Grand Scale” model railroading!

I want to thank all of you who made this “Model Training” possible.  Without your dedicated effort over the years and your staffing of these wonderful train exhibits the Museum could not have reached so many people in 2011.  I hope you too have benefited and had fun this year sharing the hobby with our communities, I know I have!

After ten years of dedicated service to the Museum, we recognize the retirement of our “Toy Train Leader,” George Faeth.  I have written of his many accomplishments in the fall issue of the Postboy and we wish him well in retirement.  Now we step up to fill George’s shoes and continue the great work he began at the RMLI.

All of our model/toy train exhibits need continual care.  Now that the Museums have closed for the season, our attention turns to maintenance.  A group of volunteers have begun to meet at Riverhead on Tuesdays at 11:00 AM to perform work on our trains.  I invite you, when you have time, to join us as we work to keep our layouts and trains in tiptop condition.

So far we have inventoried our supply of Lionel FasTrack, obtained a pair of Lionel KW transformers and repaired all of our traveling train equipment for our Toy Train Outreach.  We are now beginning to schedule traveling train exhibits in Suffolk County for 2012.

This week we inventoried and tested a large donation of Lionel trains and accessories.  We have begun to inventory and test all of our locomotives to identify problems for our repairman, Lenny Joerg. Lenny has been busy throughout the fall reconditioning donated power supplies and keeping our engines in great operating condition.  Thank you Lenny!

The RMLI Board has recognized the aging of our motive power!  We have ordered some new locomotives for 2012 and plan to continue upgrading our power into the future.  A LIRR Lionel Fairbanks-Morse H16-44 engine has been ordered from Nassau Hobbies and a LIRR Lionel Alco C420 diesel will be ordered from the Nassau Lionel Operating Engineers.  It is our plan to order LIRR liveried motive power to forward the mission of the RMLI on our train layouts.

After completing our assessment of RMLI rolling stock we will be focusing on the physical layouts themselves.  Little hands have caused issues that need to be repaired and we may look to move some displays a little farther back on the layout, away from those little fingers. 

We plan to take a section of layout at a time and review the wiring and current demands of the lighting and accessories in the area.  We will reconfigure under-table power supplies, wiring and action buttons to make things run more dependably with better distribution of electric power.  Steve Musso has some great ideas about “timing modules” that would control the time an accessory could operate – even if little fingers keep the switch pushed down for hours!

On the human relations side of the hobby, we now encourage members to bring their own equipment to run on the layouts when they volunteer.  That includes locomotives and rolling stock other than Lionel.  We want you to enjoy the hobby, the layout and your time volunteering.  What better way to do that than share your favorite rolling stock with our visitors and friends?

Also in the pipe are plans to host quarterly “Club Run Nights” at the Museum.  Four times a year we would invite our Club friends across Long Island to bring their trains to run on the Lionel Layout.  They would be able to take photos and videos of their favorite pieces on the Historic Lionel Visitors Center Layout, have a cup of coffee and a donut and some good conversation with others in the hobby.

These are just some of the duties and plans the RMLI is entertaining to make the Museum and our train layouts a friendly, smooth operating, welcoming place for the World’s Greatest Hobby and hobbyists alike.  Please join us on Tuesdays, (weather permitting – we won’t venture out in the snow), from 11AM to 3PM to keep the vision of Toy Trains at the RMLI alive and well.  Please contact me if you have questions or comments at 631-765-2757 or via e-mail at:                 

Thanks for the support,

Don Fisher



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